What is server monitoring and why is it important?

What is server monitoring and why is it important?

It’s safe to say that most businesses rely heavily on the stability of their IT network and infrastructure and it is a fact the cost of downtime is becoming an increasingly growing concern.  Not only does downtime cause a major loss of business productivity but it also affects the quality of service that is provided to the customer and impact of service can cause severe damage to your business reputation.  With the competitive market that we all have to thrive in, a knock to the reputation can often be fatal with regards to business.  The question therefore stands:  how can you protect your business and reputation and keep your customers?  The answer is simple: server monitoring.

What is server monitoring?

  • Server monitoring is basically a preventative measure to help you detect any issues before they cause any major issues that affect your productivity and your customer.
  • Server monitoring is a process of continuously scanning servers on a designated network and scans the network for any failures or any irregularities that are detected by server monitoring software.

Why is it important? 

Any network crashes costs time and money to fix.  At a time of downtime that is already costing your business money and hurting your reputation, it will be difficult to have to fork out more cash to get things back up and running again.  Server monitoring is important so that you can pick up any small issues before they evolve into anything major.  Server monitoring is essential in ensuring service availability.

How does server monitoring work? 

Using Monitance as a server monitoring solution will provide you with the following uptime security for your system:

  • Summary:  The summary screen presents you with the main characteristics and parameters of the server as well as the possible server-related actions at your disposal
  • Monitoring of components:  This refers to both software and hardware components and includes all processes and services.  Utilization of resources is included here as well.
  • Servers:  Any change in state of the server will be reported e.g. if contact is lost with the server or if the server has restarted.  *If you have the “Windows automatic update” activated then the relevant server will automatically be restarted after the updates have been completed.  Monitance includes a feature that will correlate this restart with an automatic update and your server will automatically be placed into maintenance mode for an hour so that a critical alert is not unnecessarily created and resources wasted on investigation.  If there is a problem after an hour then a critical alert will immediately be sent.
  • Events:  Any events detected by Monitance as well as monitoring of the Microsoft event log, the last 100 entries will be displayed.
  • CPU/RAM(Memory)/HD(Storage):  Any abnormal changes will be reported, or any changes in configuration.  A history of used resources will always be available in instant graph form e.g. ‘Average daily usage’, ‘Average hourly usage’
  • Processes: monitor current processes running on servers
  • Services: Status changes in services that are being monitored.
  • Files:  to make sure you retain the integrity of your data you can monitor all important files to make sure that they don’t get deleted or changed in any way.  Monitance will monitor the following parameters:  state/size/last change/last check.  File size can also affect your storage capacity so it is important to monitor.
  • Scripting:  with the use of scripts, you can personalize your monitoring to meet your own business needs.  E.g.  if you would like to monitor a metric that is not already included then you will be able to use the agent to return any digital or text value in order to include it in your monitoring strategy.

What kind of reports/alerts?

The reports and alerts that you require for your business will be designed according to your own specific criteria that meet your business needs.  You can get any specific data collected that you require and alerts setup to report accordingly on this data.  Depending on the date or time of day or severity of the alert that you have linked to the data you can personalize the way that the alerting system will be setup to notify the correct people at the correct times for the most effective way of dealing with the information.

Server monitoring is basically your right hand man for affordable peace-of-mind.  Knowing that your systems are secure, with Monitance’s cost-effective monitoring solution, will allow you to focus on growing your business and moving from strength to strength with a secure foundation.

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