The impact of downtime on business

The impact of downtime on business

There are many crucial factors that will determine the success of any business.  However, having reliable systems is a key factor and downtime can seriously impede business success depending on the frequency and duration.

Depending on what type of business you run, downtime will affect you in different ways.  However, there is a common denominator for all businesses…  Downtime = profit loss = BAD.  According to Industry Week, the cost of downtime is approximately $17.000 per incident.

What kind of downtime is there?

There are two general causes of downtime:

  • Planned downtime is when scheduled upgrades and routine maintenance of hardware and software will take place. If your downtime is planned then make sure that you inform your clients well in advance and remind them accordingly.
  • Unplanned downtime is when something unexpected happens to crash your systems.   The main causes of unplanned downtime are generally attributed to hardware failure due to faulty components, software crashes (e.g. viruses/data corruption/hacking), natural disasters or by human errors made on site.  If the downtime is unplanned then make sure that you provide your clients with regular and sufficiently detailed updates via social media so that they can feel assured.

How exactly does downtime affect business?

Depending on your business, the effect of downtime could be more severe according to the actual time of day of the downtime e.g. peak hours would be worse, or according to the duration of the downtime. Downtime can also manifest in either hard downtime, where everything is completely down or soft downtime where performance is merely impaired.

Website downtime affects:

  • Profitability: this is the most direct affect, no page, no transactions.
  • User confidence and loyalty. If your page is down and there are other options, the users will go to another provider.
  • Lack of confidence from current and potential investors.

The important way to manage any downtime is to communicate effectively with your clients and partners.

 So what is the good news?

 By using a reliable monitoring application, such as Monitance, you are able to quickly and easily setup a personalized monitoring system that will be able to monitor your system health.  The purpose of this constant system analysis is to predict software and hardware changes that could potentially cause crashes in your system that would result in downtime.

 Can downtime affect your Search Ranking?

 Setting aside the immediate business impact of downtime, downtime no longer means that your search ranking is necessarily affected.  This is due to the fact that a few months ago, Google changed the way that Googlebot crawls your sites.  Previously your sites would be crawled once a month and if your website happened to temporarily be down then your search ranking would take quite a heavy knock.

However, Googlebot now crawls through sites on a more regular basis and only if your site is down for a substantial period of time then your search rankings will be affected.  This is because Google obviously need to provide their own positive user experience and do want to send users to websites that they already know are down.


 And the even better news?

 If you team up with Monitance, you will immediately have the quick and easy solution to help you effectively monitor your systems and avoid downtime so that your company never has to suffer.  Good monitoring = limited downtime = GOOD!

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