Monitance blog about server monitoring is up and running!

Monitance blog about server monitoring is up and running!

Like all software as a service (SaaS), Monitance is constantly changing to include new options and functionalities. For example, in recent months, we have included Website monitoring, a permanent free version, API and more.

Now, so that we can regularly communicate with our users (the free version or with a paid program) about new developments (e-learning, Linux version, sensors), we have decided to create this blog.

On it we will give you an inside glimpse of our business adventure, our plans for the future, exciting things we’ve discovered and advice.

And we’re counting on you in return to share your opinions and advice and to let us in on what your needs are in terms of server or Website monitoring.

We bet that this new tool will bring us closer to your business needs and make us more responsive to you.

See you soon on the next post,

Michel & Tom

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